How To Build A Shipping Container House You Can Actually Live In

How To Build A Shipping Container House

I started building a weekend retreat from two shipping containers. I am amazed at the number of subscribers that follow my YouTube channel and my wordpress blog This site is where I can share the important details not covered in the regular short videos and articles I publish on the internet.

Why I live in a shipping container?

  • To have an adventure
  • To live sustainably
  • Reduce the cost of living

Example Video - 2 Years living in containers

Shipping Container House - A work in progress

Follow me building a shipping container home in real time. Even though I have a full time job, and the project is progressing really well. Everything takes time and most jobs take longer than expected.

window on container - build shipping container house

Living in an off grid house made of shipping containers can be comfortable and practical.

We moved into the containers after six months of weekend construction and we continue to refine the design and improve our lifestyle.

We generate sufficient Solar electricity in the off grid shipping containers to meet our needs from solar panels. We store unused energy in batteries. We are able to run an air conditioner during the day and run most household appliances easily.

We do not have town Water in the container house so we collect rainwater from the roof for domestic use. We minimise water consumption by operating a composting toilet.

Heating in our off grid shipping containers comes primary from firewood that is collected from the bush around the container. We run a wood burner that keeps us warm.

We have modern Communication in off our comfortable container home. We use mobile broadband for internet access and full communication with the rest of the world. Sarah operates an internet business from within the Australian bush.

I started Constructing the off grid container house with no experience and lots of enthusiasm. I have now learned to weld and am confident with metal fabrication and many aspects of house building. I recorded all my experiences in an e-book I wrote. I publish high quality videos to YouTube on each aspect of the construction and these are very popular. If you are considering a similar project, then the e-book will save a lot of money and effort.

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