Life in containers

Loving life in a shipping container

  Sep, 2014

When we started life in a shipping container house, it was frugal and sparse. We have only minimal space, but as we progress, life has become more comfortable.

The photograph of the wallaby above was taken whilst I was lying in bed. Sarah was about to open the blinds in the morning and she noticed this wallaby on the other side of the window. I pulled the blind back carefully and I filmed the wallaby having her breakfast with my phone still lying in bed!. Her tummy was wriggling, because she had a baby Joey in her pouch. I don't think you can get much closer to nature.

shipping container house interior

The photograph above gives you an idea about where I was when I filmed the wallaby.

When we lived in suburbia, I used to return from work, and our only real activity was deciding what film to rent from the video shop. Moving into the Bush changed that, and our lives are busy with the activity of living. We have more to do, such a preparing firewood and maintaning our environment, however it is much more fulfilling.

shipping container house dam swimming

I used to pay to maintain a swimming pool I did not use. Now I swim in the nearby dam and I share it with the local ducks. There is no chlorine in the water.

We are more aware of the weather, as we are more directly affected. Sun means free solar energy to operate electrical devices and refill our batteries. Rain means the water tanks are refilling.

shipping container house window

I have discovered there is something very satisfying about building your own home. I have had to learn many new skills along the way, welding being one of them. The creation of our stained glass window is an achievement I am very proud of.

We wake up with morning sunshine through the bedroom window, and a loud chorus of birds crickets and frogs all greeting the day.

shipping container house hill view