Log burning safe

Transforming a "safe" into a log burning fire

log burning safe
  Aug 20, 2013

Our log burning safe has now given two years outstanding service. It is efficient to run and a pleasure to look upon. It has provided not just warmth but a great story.

shipping container house log burning safe

It was converted from a discarded safe that was rescued from being scrapped. I converted it because it had character and the correct size and shape. It was a less expensive option than a new or second hand fire.

I refined my welding skills in the building of this safe, and was really pleased when I was able to retain the spinning dial in the design. I show the construction in much greater detail in e-Book 1 and you can see it happening in the videos on you tube. Links at the bottom of this page.

shipping container house original safe

The original Chubb Safe

shipping container house spinning dial

The dial even spins!

shipping container house log burning safe inside

You can see the construction of this project in three videos on YouTube:

#3 Homemade log burning woodstove from a safe View

#4 Chimney upgrade View

#66 Log burning safe flue and insulation View