Stained glass window

World First - Stained glass window in a container

  July, 2014

Sarah took a class at a local workshop where she learned to make a stained glass window.

She went for one day a week, and completed her masterpiece in just six weeks. There are 76 individual pieces of glass in the leaded panel, and most of them are a textured glass. The leaded glass panel was brought home with utmost care, and I was given the task of installing it into our living room.

It took some time to complete the frame and furniture, but once I started, it was a real labour of love.

We now enjoy the morning sun streaming through the colourful panes of glass, and they cast a raindow of colours that move across the floor and walls as the sun tracks overhead. We have not only added more natural light to the house, we have added real character.

I believe I am the first person ever to install a stained glass window in a shipping container.

shipping container house window

Window installed and beautiful.

The wallabies get the opposite view. In the evening, our 12V LED lighting creates a warm and welcoming becon of light in the Australian Bush.

shipping container house stained glass window

Constructing the frame that holds the window.

Watch the video of the window installation