Loving life in containers

12th July, 2013

I photographed this wallably whilst I was lying in bed in the morning. We swapped life in suburbia, for a life in the Australian Bush...

Transforming a "safe" into a log burning fire

8th Aug, 2012

I needed a heater to keep us warm in winter. Burning wood is the obvious choice when you live in the Australian Bush. I looked for a new or second hand log burner but they were very expensive. I found an old safe destined for the scrap yard and modified it. It has been outstanding...

Solar powered air conditioning

16th July, 2013

After we discovered that the abundant summer sunshine would fill our electrical storage batteries by 11:00 am, it was only a matter of time before we used the surplus electricity to keep ourselves cool in the summer...

Our fears of sweating containers

18th July, 2015

I am frequently asked about containers sweating. When I started this project, I heard or read tales of how containers sweated, and I would have to put in drain holes every few feet to let the water out. The containers would rust, and it would be terrible. I made pictures in my head of rivers of condensation running down the walls. ..

Foundations for a shipping container

30th July, 2015

When I was considering how to build the foundations for the shipping container, there was a lot to consider. How strong did they need to be?. What would be easy to build?. I built two sets of foundations as the containers started at a temporary development site, and were later moved to a permanent location. Here is some of the thought process.....

Welding Off-Grid

Feb 2016

When I decided to weld off grid there were some hurdles to overcome without access to town power.....

Insulate a shipping container inside or out?

5th July, 2015

Should you insulate on the inside or the outside of a shipping container?, or even both. There are so many products available but which one is right for your situation?. Spray foam has a lot of good publicity but you have to have your container completely fabricated and empty prior to spraying. A more conventional frame and insulation will take up more space inside......

Should I worry about outgassing in shipping containers?

16th May, 2016

Are there harmful chemicals in shipping container floors?, Will paints and glues give off toxic vapours?, Do I have to remove the floor of a shiping container if I want to live in it? These are all questions that arise from time to time from people who are considering living in a container. The internet abounds with articles expressing concern for the health risk of noxious chemicals leaching from the floor boards and being a hazard to health. I have lived in a shipping container for quite some time now. A subscriber asked my thought about this. Here is how I replied to him......