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General advice for ipad users

ipad loading

How to download ebook and ebook reader

When you purchase your copy of the ebook you will receive a link via email. This will prompt you to download the file containing the ebook. If you do not have an ebook reader on your computer, the following will guide you to installing one.

Navigate using your internet browser to:

Click on either the:

Download Digital Editions 2.0.1 Update Macintosh (16.3 MB)

Download Digital Editions 2.0.1 Update Windows (5.6 MB)


adobe landing page

A window will ask you to run or save ADE_2.0_Installer.exe

Select run and follow the prompts to install the program on your windows computer.

Accept the default settings

After program installs, program should start

opening screen

In the Adobe Digital Editions tool bar, select FILE - Add to library - then navigate to the location you have saved the copy of the ebook file "shippingcontainerhouse.epub"

If you have not previously saved the file to a specific location, it is most likely to be in your download folder.

The ebook should appear in the bookshelves window, double click it to open it.

Clicking the left and right arrows at the bottom of the page will scroll through the book.