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How to build off grid shipping container house e-Book 1

Due to popular demand I have produced two ebooks.

This highly detailed ebook contains all the information that it is impossible to cover in my free short videos on YouTube.

Our shipping container home is an ongoing project, aiming at completely sustainable living. This eBook is the first part of our unfolding adventure.

What's in eBook 1 ?

  • Step by step instructions
  • Over 250 detailed colour photos
  • Breakdown of project costs
  • Mistakes
  • Thought processes
  • Material costs and sizes
  • Problems I encountered
  • Other people's wisdom & experiences
  • Things I would do differently
  • Tools used
  • Techniques that work
  • Costs versus benefits
  • Wiring diagrams and schematics

Chapters in the e-book

  • Introduction
  • Buying two containers
  • Moving lifting and placing containers
  • Road building
  • Site preparation
  • Foundations
  • Ceiling in living container
  • Sunroof
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Sustainable electricity
  • Installing solar panels
  • Batteries
  • Wiring the solar panels
  • Windows and doors
  • Communication and internet
  • Gas hot water and washing machine
  • Ceiling in bathroom and kitchen
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Heating
  • Cold water
  • Passive air conditioning
  • Living in container milestones
  • Building a dam
  • Firewood
  • Solar hot water
  • Total costs

I have drawn diagrams and schematics for the electrical systems, and water system.

12v wiring diagram container house
Larger image

Build shipping container house eBook is in an epub format so you can play the videos from the internet, and view it on your electronic device.

I FREAKING LOVE IT!! It gives me exactly the insight I needed to accomplish something of this magnitude. I'm working night and day to be able to get this project up and running you know lol! No matter how hard I tried looking on the Web or phone calls I make it's really difficult to find real facts and expertise on this subject. Your the "Holy Grail" Paul. Your really a genius Paul and honestly you've motivated me to start now while I'm young. You have something here that other people are charging lots for and they hardly give any information. You have pictures, prices, experience, and most importantly PICTURES! Thank you so much! Jonathan

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Download the demo version ebook and view on your electronic device.

Read the demo ebook free. (2MB)

The build shipping container house eBook is in an epub format so you can play the videos from the net and view it on your electronic device.

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