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Both ebooks and all the videos on a 64GB memory stick

I have been asked by people who do not have the bandwidth, or who have a small data allowance, for a method to allow them to watch the videos off-line. I have also been asked by people who experinced difficulties in downloading the ebooks for a physical copy of the files.

This led to the creation of the memory stick containing the videos and both of the ebooks.

At last count there were 141 videos, filling 64GB, over 10 hours of videos. This includes the 50 minute feature length four year review.


What's on the memory stick ?

  • ebook - Part 1 - epub format
  • ebook - Part 1 - pdf format
  • ebook - Part 1 - mobi format
  • ebook - Part 2 - epub format
  • ebook - Part 2 - pdf format
  • ebook - Part 2 - mobi format
  • 141 Videos

The memory stick is a quality brand that costs around $30 for me to purchase. I offer the memory sticks as a service with free post.

Due to the cost of post from Australia, these are sent snail mail to your destination without tracking. I send the links for the e-books shortly after receiving your order so that you can down load them. Your patience is appreciated.

I am very happy to have you send a blank 64GB memory stick with a stamped addressed envelope. I will fill the contents and return it for the price of both ebooks. Contact me via the contact form at the bottom of this page to arrange it.

Cheers Paul

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