The highlights were the YouTube video links, and the regular paragraphs

shipping container house internal view
  Aug 20, 2013

Paul has done a remarkable job documenting his own shipping container home-build into a terrific & expansive e-book, "How to build an off-grid shipping container house". Shipping containers will be my preferred tiny house option, and whilst there are many photos online of completed shipping container dwellings from high-end architecture concepts to more humble dwellings, I've not been able to find any specific how-to resources from someone who has done it themself - until now.

Coming in at 521 pages (depending on viewing device) it walks you through every stage of his building project, from purchasing the containers, preparing the site thru to making it self sufficient with solar panels, heating, cooling & finishing with a full costs breakdown, covered in 29 chapters. There is no filler here- Paul takes you thru each and every stage of this labour of love in great practical detail.

The highlights for me were the youtube links dotted throughout taking you to videos to help you see what actually happened first hand and the regular paragraphs in chapters headed "Hindsight & Wisdom" where Paul explains what he would do differently if he had his time over. That way, those of us looking to convert a shipping container to a tiny or regular sized home, whether off grid or not, can learn from his experiences.

Paul has invested his heart and soul into his building project and the book has received just as much attention . It is embarrassingly cheap & will represent thousands of dollars in savings and likely many many days saved in wasted efforts, purely by learning from Paul's first hand experiences.

When my total lack of nerdy computer skills saw me unable to download the ebook onto my iPad at first (admittedly, a 12 year old kid could have done it but I was a middle aged epic fail!) Paul followed up with a few help emails that even non-websmart duffers like me could understand! I cannot recommend Paul's ebook highly enough- stars out of 5! Dean Wishart, Melbourne, Australia

You are the "holy Grail" for information

shipping container house wayer tanks
  Aug 18, 2013

I FREAKING LOVE IT!! It gives me exactly the insight I needed to accomplish something of this magnitude. I'm working night and day to be able to get this project up and running you know lol! No matter how hard I tried looking on the Web or phone calls I make it's really difficult to find real facts and expertise on this subject. Your the "Holy Grail" Paul. Your really a genius Paul and honestly you've motivated me to start now while I'm young. You have something here that other people are charging lots for and they hardly give any information. You have pictures, prices, experience, and most importantly PICTURES! Thank you so much! Jonathan

Thankou for your insight Paul... This is a really brilliant book and well presented in the videos too. Bring this shizzle on! Nat


shipping container house side view
  Aug 8, 2013

AWESOME BOOK - I just got your ebook and it totally answered a lot of questions I had about taking a project of this magnitude on! I've only just started reading it but I'm sure it will not only surprise me with all your ideas and innovations but make my imagination create clever and astute concepts for a the container home I have always dreamed of having. Here in California the earthquake problem is always present, so a container home being bombproof can radically ease my concerns about safety. Thank you for all your time and effort ! Best regards Mario Gonzalez

This has been an excellent resource for what to do and what to try and avoid. Highly recommended for the money!

shipping container house large window
  Aug 1, 2013

Terrific value and much better than another i bought for $47! We are starting our journey and apart from the experience of building 6 conventional houses I am a complete novice - your book has helped fill in the gaps. Thank you. Ian Gribble - September 2014

GREAT E-BOOK. I paid $47 for an e-book from name withheld which is a complete waste of money, so it was a relief to find yours, with 10 times more useful information, great pictures and most of all, helpful advice about how to avoid the mistakes you made. I'm hoping to build a 5 container, 2 storey home, so this has been an excellent resource for what to do and what to try and avoid. Highly recommended for the money! - August 2013